Our grass fed beef are raised in a natural environment.

All natural 100% grass fed Lamb.

Pasture raised, organic fed chickens.

Pasture raised organic fed Turkeys.

Pasture raised organic fed Pork.

Natural meat that you'll love to eat!

Our goal at Riverside Acres is to raise meat as nature intended that is both healthy for the consumers and humane for the animals. Our cattle and sheep are on a 100% grass fed diet, and the chickens are pasture raised, organic fed. This ensures that the meat is free of chemicals and growth hormones.

Benefits of Riverside Acres grass fed meat:

  • 4 times more vitamin E than grain fed meat

  • 2 to 6 times more omega-3 fatty acid

  • 35-50% less fat than grain fed meat

We are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and offering our customers a premium product.

Our Animals & Our ProductsWe are dedicated to sustainable agriculture and offering our customers a premium product.

Grass Fed Beef

Our grass fed beef is raised in a natural, stress free environment. Our cattle have the opportunity of living out doors all year, spending the time with their herd mates eating a natural diet of grass.

Grass Fed Lamb

Our lambs are born in the spring as the grass is starting to grow. At a few weeks they will begin to nibble on grass, and within a couple months will be on a full grass diet after their mothers wean them.

Pasture Raised Chickens

Our chickens are raised in a pasture and are fed free choice organic grains. They are moved twice a day to ensure they have access to fresh grass, bugs and worms.

Pasture Raised Turkeys

Our turkeys are raised in the pasture and fed organic grains. They enjoy chasing bugs, worms and nibbling on grasses. We are amazed at how active and social they are with lots of space outdoors.

Pasture Pork

Our pigs are pasture raised and fed organic grains to supplement their diet. They are free to run, root and roll as they desire. They enjoy eating grass and covering themselves in mud on hot days.